Master's degree in Research in Health for UdL and UVic-UCC

Objectives and competences

Master in Health Research’s objectives and profesional skills

To provide students with advanced multidisciplinary training in research activities related to various areas of health: clinical research, research into chronic diseases, social practices and policies, research on physical activity, employment and health, healthy ageing research and research in nutrition, health and wellness.


  • Ability to apply the methodologies used in health research, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Ability to internalise and apply ethical principles in clinical research to make decisions on the basis of these principles in conflict situations, and know their limitations.
  • Ability to ask questions about the research areas of uncertainty in clinical practice.
  • Ability to use the language of scientific writing in the communication of health research results.
  • Ability to apply the most common techniques for exploring and analysing data, relationships between variables or categories and hypothesis testing in both quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Ability to design a research project in the field of health within a specific context.
  • Ability to plan and identify health problems and apply specific theories and techniques to analyse them.

Career opportunities

  • Clinical practice
  • Public health policies
  • Health Research
  • Health resources management
  • Teaching